Say hello to OuiCar's bang!

Say hello to OuiCar's bang!

By Luc Dachary

Say hello to OuiCar’s bang!

If you have no idea about what a bang is, you may be interested in the DuckDuckGo search engine’s documentation page.

Provided by DuckDuckGo, this feature allows you to easily and quickly reach a website very own search form. As an example, if you wonder like me “who could Steve Jobs possibly be?”, here is how you would ask Wikipedia about it:

!w Steve Jobs

OuiCar’s bang

At OuiCar we registered our core search form in DuckDuckGo, so that you can search for a car right from anywhere, using your browser’s address bar:

!ouicar Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris

That’s it! Be careful: you may never come back to Google.

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About OuiCar

OuiCar is a community market place to find and rent cars anywhere in France. But we are not just car renters. We also like to experiment new technologies and share ideas with others.